Week 8 — Prof. Timothy Gowers

Our final talk of the term will be given by Prof. Sir Timothy Gowers on additive combinatorics; details are below. Note that the talk will occur in the CMS on Tuesday 7pm rather than the usual arrangements.

In addition, we will be providing pizza following the talk. Please fillĀ in the form circulated on the mailing list if you intend on attending, so that we have an estimate of numbers.

Title: The hidden structure of sumsets
Speaker: Timothy Gowers
Abstract: If A and B are sets of integers, the sumset A+B is defined to be the set of all integers x+y such that x is an element of A and y is an element of B. This deceptively simple definition opens the door to a large number of deep theorems and interesting open problems. I’ll talk about a few of them.
Date: Tuesday 12 March
Time: 7pm
Location: CMS, MR2

We hope to see you on Tuesday!


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