Week 7 — Dr Dominic Yeo

Next week’s talk will be given by Dr Dominic Yeo of King’s College London; details are below. Note that the talk will occur on Wednesday 7:30pm rather than the usual time.

Before the talk, we will also be hosting a dinner at 6pm with Dr Yeo at The Ivy. If you are interested and would like to come along, please fill out the form circulated on the mailing list. As places are limited, we will aim to confirm places closer to the date.

Title: Scenery reconstruction
Speaker: Dominic Yeo
Abstract: Suppose that the vertices of an n-gon have each been coloured red or blue. You don’t know the exact colouring and would like to find out. A nearby probability theorist agrees to help you, by performing a random walk on the n-gon, and reading out the list of colours they observe. Is this information enough for you to recover the true colouring, or at least the structure of the true colouring? We’ll discuss aspects of this so-called “scenery reconstruction problem”, including the case of infinite graphs.
Date: Wednesday 6 March
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Winstanley Lecture Theatre – Trinity College

We hope to see you on Wednesday!

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