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Call My Bluff

Venue: Winstanley Lecture Theatre
Time: 28/11/2011 20:30, drinks from 20:15

Come and celebrate Christmas with the TMS’s annual Call My Bluff event. Watch a Freshers’ Team take on a team drawn from the combined might of the rest of the university in a competition in which mathematical knowledge takes a second place to the ability to hold a good poker face. And if that is not reason enough to join us, there will be port

Freshers’ Team:  Richard Freeland, Michael Rees and Hunter Spink.

Non-Freshers’ Team: Kathryn Atwell, Hiro Funakoshi and Jonathan Lee.

Hosted By: Mary Fortune.





Mathematical Call My Bluff

Venue: Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College
Time: 30/11/2009 20:30, drinks from 20:15

The end of term would not be complete without our annual version of this cult game show. Come witness the usual high spirited shenanigans all wrapped in some actual mathematics… some of the time. Panellists to be announced.

Mathematical Call My Bluff

Venue: Old Combination Room, Trinity College
Time: 28/11/2005 20:30, drinks from 20:15

Join us for a fiesta of fun, frivolity, and completely unconvincing mathematics in this our annual pseudo-esoteric mathematical adaption of the cult T.V. quiz show.

The panellists are now confirmed as Andy Davies, Nathan Kettle, Matthew Lee, Ed Hill, Sam Kemp, and Jon De Souza. Paul Smith will be your host for the evening.