Week 4 — Dr Oliver Janzer

Next week’s talk will be given by Dr Oliver Janzer on Ramsey theory; details are below. We have not yet determined the location of the talk – it will likely be held in the CMS, but we will send confirmation in a subsequent email.

Title: Ramsey numbers and generalized Ramsey numbers
Speaker: Oliver Janzer
Abstract: An old result in Combinatorics states that in every sufficiently large group of people, there are either 100 people who all know each other, or 100 people who all don’t know each other. But how large does the group need to be to have this property? This innocent-looking question has puzzled mathematicians for decades. In this talk I will discuss this problem and some variants of it.
Date: Monday 12 February
Time: 7pm
Location: TBA, likely CMS.

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