Week 3 + Jump Trading opportunities

Hello all,

Unfortunately, we were unable to host our regular talk yesterday due to administrative complications involving the scheduled speaker. However, we are pleased to host a student talk this Friday by the TMS’ own vice-president on Brownian motion.

Title: History and Construction of Brownian Motion
Speaker: Fredy Yip
Abstract: Originating as a physical discovery in botany, Brownian motion has been a key piece of evidence for molecular theory. In modern times, it now plays a central role in the analysis of stochastic and partial differential equations, alongside financial modelling. We shall explore its rigorous mathematical underpinnings which empowers its rich applications in analysis and beyond.
Date: Friday 27 October
Time: 7pm
Location: Winstanley Lecture Theatre – Trinity College

There will be orange juice accompanying the talk, but there will be no port served at this event at the request of the speaker.

In addition, our sponsor, Jump Trading, has asked that we circulate details of their internship and graduate opportunities. Please see the file shared on the mailing list if interested.


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