Week 9 – Professor Leonard Susskind (Stanford University)

Our seventh and final talk of the term, completing the set of talks for this historic year of the TMS, is given by Professor Leonard Susskind of Stanford University.
Professor Susskind is widely regarded as one of the fathers of string theory, pioneering ideas such as the ‘string theory landscape’ and producing significant contributions in ‘quark confinement’, ‘technicolour theory’ and much more.
He has also authored multiple books (e.g. ‘The Cosmic Landscape’) and is the founding director of the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics. More information can be found on his website here https://theoreticalminimum.com/.
We look forward to seeing you there.
TMS Week 9
Speaker: Prof. Leonard Susskind (Stanford University)
Date and Time: Monday 22nd March, 8:30pm
Speaking about String Theory
Please sign up here, no later than the end of Sunday before the talk. The Zoom link for the talk will be sent to you on Monday.

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