Well Wishes to the TMS Community, TMS AGM 2020-21 Results

The TMS Committee wishes everyone good health and safety through this difficult time. Thank you for being part of the 101-year-old TMS community. We are exploring options for remote events during Easter Term. The TMS AGM happened at the end of term, and a new committee for 2020-2021 was elected:

President: Misha Schmalian
Vice President: David Veres
Secretary: Michael Ng
Junior Treasurer: Arthur Ushenin
Membership Secretary: Valentin Imbach

Constable: –

We are indeed going through difficult times, and indeed, it’s hard to take away anything positive from these circumstances. So I’ll add a mathematical joke in the hope that this email might bring you some light entertainment… (answer below)

Q: Why was the quadratic tree with negative discriminant unable to absorb nutrients?
A: Because it had imaginary roots!

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