Dr Emily Shuckburgh – From Flatland to Our Land

Tonight’s talk will be given by Dr Emily Shuckburgh

Speaker: Dr Emily Shuckburgh
Title: From Flatland to Our Land – A Mathematician’s Journey through our Changing Planet
Mathematics is central to our understanding of the world around us. We live in a vast dynamical system, the many dimensions of which can be interrogated with mathematical tools. In this talk I will consider our changing climate. I will describe the scientific evidence that tells us how and why our climate is changing, and what the future may hold. In this journey I will pause at various waypoints to describe in more detail some of the insight different branches of mathematics are providing. Diverse examples will include applying ideas from dynamical systems research to create novel strategies for measuring the ocean mixing processes that are critical to the flow of heat and carbon through the Earth system, through to employing statistical learning techniques to improve future predictions of Arctic sea ice, currently in perilous decline. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Responding to the challenge requires robust scientific evidence to inform policies. Opportunities for mathematicians to contribute to this important issue abound.

The talk will take place at 8:30PM on Monday 20 November in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre. As usual there will be free port and juice served before the talk at 8:15PM. This talk is for members only, but there will be a chance to sign up for TMS life membership for £2.50.

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