Annual Dinner & Double Talk Week

We hope term is going really well and that the sheets aren’t getting you down!
Annual Dinner
This email is to let you know that our annual dinner is taking place after our Annual Symposium at 7:45pm, Sunday, 26th of February in the Old Kitchens. There will be a half hour reception with sparkling wine and apple juice. This year, to better accommodate people’s timetables, we’ll be staggering the ticket releases across the following times and dates:
5pm Monday 13/02
9pm Wednesday 15/02
Check your email at those times!

Double Talk Week
Also, we will have two talks this week. In addition to our usual Monday night talk, given by Dr Thomas Sauerwald, we will also have a joint talk with the Trinity College Science Society on Thursday evening, given by Dr Sander Dieleman. They both promise to be fantastic events, see the details below.Monday 13 February, 8:30PM
Speaker: Dr Thomas Sauerwald (Computer Lab)
Title: Multiple Random Walks
Abstract: Consider a simple random walk on a finite network. The expected time it takes for a single walk to visit all nodes is a well-studied quantity and has been computed for many topologies including paths, grids, random graphs and hypercubes. But how long does it take for two or more independently running random walks? This talk will explain why this may be an interesting question and present a few surprising results.

Thursday 16 February, 6:15PM
Speaker: Dr Sander Dieleman (Google DeepMind)
Title: Deep learning for music recommendation and generation
Abstract: The advent of deep learning has made it possible to extract high-level information from perceptual signals without having to specify manually and explicitly how to obtain it; instead, this can be learned from examples. This creates opportunities for automated content analysis of musical audio signals. In this talk, I will discuss how deep learning techniques can be used for audio-based music recommendation. I will also briefly discuss my ongoing work on music generation with WaveNet.

Both talks will take place in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre. As usual there will be free refreshments 15 minutes before the talk. The talk on Monday is for members only, but there will be a chance to sign up for TMS life membership for £2.50. The talk on Thursday is free for all.

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