Cricket Match

It is a long-standing tradition of the TMS to play each year a cricket match against our hated rivals, the Adams Society of St John’s College next door. It is also traditional that the President of the TMS ‘bowls’ the first ball with an apple, and in recent years at least, that the TMS wins.

A report of the 2005 match can be found here.

The 2004 match was held on Friday, 18th June, and the TMS won, yet again. Below is a photograph of the team. From left to right: back row: Dinesh Markose, Adrian Sanders, Toby Kenney, Pete Batten, Bryn Garrod, Graham Sills, Imran Coomaraswamy, Richard Bullock; front row: David Hodge, Vicky Neale, Simon Rees, Olly Cooley.

2004 TMS Team

Some photographs of the 2003 match are also available: the Adams Society batting, some spectators checking the score, the TMS batting (1), the TMS batting (2), some of the TMS team (from left to right: back row: Graham Sills, Ben Green, Neil Talbott; front row: Ed Crane, Jenny Lee, Olly Cooley, Robin Bhattacharyya).

Match reports from 1999, ‘TMS slaughter St John’s by Ten Wickets’, and 2000, ‘TMS give St John’s another sound caning’, are available courtesy of Prof. Ben Green, as are many other interesting things (chiefly concerning cycling, jazz and combinatorial number theory).