Dr Holly Krieger – A Tour of the Mandelbrot Set

Tonight’s talk will be given by Dr Holly Krieger

Speaker: Dr Holly Krieger
Title: A Tour of the Mandelbrot Set
The Mandelbrot set is a famous image, but its mathematical content is much less widely known. We’ll take a mathematical walk around the Mandelbrot set, visiting the minibrots and the Feigenbaum point. We’ll stop at the rabbit, corabbit, and airplane, and answer the question: what happens when you twist the ears of the rabbit? We’ll find the freshman sum and the Fibonacci sequence. Finally, we’ll provide one answer to the question every mathematician wonders when they first meet the Mandelbrot set: why do we care about this pretty picture?

The talk will take place at 8:30PM on Monday 5 February in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre. As usual there will be free port and juice served before the talk at 8:15PM. This talk is for members only, but there will be a chance to sign up for TMS life membership for £2.50.

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