Dr Michael Tehranchi – The Prices of Call Options

Tomorrow’s talk will be given by Dr Michael Tehranchi

Speaker: Dr Michael Tehranchi
Title: The Prices of Call Options
A call option is a basic example of a financial derivative. Black, Scholes and Merton published in 1973 a theory for ‘rational pricing’ of call options, for which the Nobel Prize was awarded in 1997. This talk will briefly explain this theory, and discuss how the pricing of call options has some interesting mathematical properties – touching on probability, convex analysis and even algebra.

The talk will take place at 8:30PM on Monday 23 October in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre. As usual there will be free port and juice served before the talk at 8:15PM. This talk is for members only, but there will be a chance to sign up for TMS life membership for £2.50.

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