Dr Andras Zsak – Embedding Structures with Distortion

Tonight’s talk will be given by Dr Andras Zsak

Speaker: Dr Andras Zsak
Title: Embedding Structures with Distortion
There is a wide variety of structures that are equipped with a distance. A familiar example is three-dimensional Euclidean space: here the distance is the length of the straight line segment joining two points. In this example there is an additional feature: the presence of vector addition and scalar multiplication. There are examples, however, that do not possess such additional features, and it is an important question to determine whether such arbitrary structures can be embedded into ones with a vector structure like Euclidean space. This has consequences for large data, algorithms, compressed sensing, etc., some of which have emerged in unexpected and surprising ways.

The talk will take place at 8:30PM on Monday 16 October in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre. As usual there will be free port and juice served before the talk at 8:15PM. This talk is for members only, but there will be a chance to sign up for TMS life membership for £2.50.

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