Mathmo Call My Bluff

Mathmo Call My Bluff

Come and celebrate Christmas with the TMS’ annual Call My Bluff event. Watch a Freshers’ Team take on a team drawn from the combined might of the rest of the university in a competition in which mathematical knowledge takes a second place to the ability to hold a good poker face. You can practise past questions online using our online game
As usual the event will take place on Monday 28th of November at 8:30PM in the Winstanley Lecture theatre.

Mathmo Call My Bluff
It has long been a tradition that every year, just before we all break up for Christmas, the TMS hosts a special mathematical adaptation of the cult BBC television quiz show, Call My Bluff. There are two teams of three, together with a host to keep things in order. The teams take it in turns to present three alternative definitions of an obscure mathematical word, only one of which is true—this is done by means of a dazzling, virtuoso display of wit and intellect, and occasionally completely unconvincing mathematics. The other team then has the task of deciding which one of the three alternatives is the correct one. If they guess correctly, they get a point; otherwise, their opponents get a point.

Cambridge Puzzle Hunt
We have a new puzzle Chess Puzzle. The answer to the puzzle is a word. You can submit your answer online at Alternatively you can hand in your answer at the next TMS or TCSS talk. There will be prizes for some of the correct submissions. The deadline is Sunday 4th of December.

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